VMware CPU Identification Utility is the utility used to test whether your server or hardware is capable of running VMware ESX or ESXi either directly in the hardware or by running inside the VMware Workstation as a Virtual Machine. 

Download  the VMware CPU Identification Utility from the VMware Website.  

Unzip the downloaded file and attach the ISO image ” cpuid.iso” into the VMware Workstation to test the hardware or If you want to test for the physical server,Download the file and burn the ISO image into CD and  boot the server with the CD.

Let me show you how to run the VMware CPU Identification utility inside VMware Workstation to see the Capability of my Laptop CPU.

Create a Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation and attach the downloaded  ISO imgae  “cpuid.iso”. Power on the virtual machine  to boot with the ISO.

Click on Enter to run CPUID tool –Standard 

 After Few seconds, It will show the results as similar to the below screenshot

In the above example of my Dell Latitude Laptop, you can see that  “Supports 64-bit longmode” is “Yes”, but “Support 64-bit VMware guest OS” is “NO”.This means that you could install vSphere on the server but can only run 32-bit guest OSes on top of the ESX host. 


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