Limitations of vSphere Data Protection (VDP) File Level Restore (FLR)


This article provides information on the limitations of vSphere Data Protection (VDP) File Level Restore (FLR).


Limitations of VDP FLR

  • FLR operations result in failure if you are using an older version of VMware Tools. Ensure to install the latest version of VMware Tools in the target virtual machines.
  • These virtual disk configurations are not supported by FLR:
    • Unformatted disks
    • Dynamic disks
    • GUID Partition Table (GPT) disks
    • Ext4 filesystems
    • FAT16 filesystems
    • FAT32 filesystems
    • Extented partitions
    • Virtual disk with more than one partition
    • Two or more virtual disks mapped to a single partition
    • Encrypted partitions
    • Compressed partitions
  • ACLs are not restored in FLR.
  • Symbolic Links cannot be restored or browsed.
  • You cannot restore more than 5000 folders or files in the same operation.
  • In logical volumes managed by LVM:
    • One physical volume (.vmdk) must be mapped exactly to one logical volume.
    • Only ext2 and ext3 formatting are supported.
  • When partitions are created, the lower ordered indices must be filled first. You cannot create a single partition and place it in the partition index 2,3, or 4. The single partition must be at partition index 1.

    For more information, see the File Level Restore Limitations section in the vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide


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